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Aquarium Out Now!

Ramdam are

Lukas Rabe - Keys, Komposition, Thomas Stieger - Bass, Moritz Baumgärtner - Drums

Richie Beirach writes about this Recording (excerpt):

Lukas has a really excellent, developed and personal sounding melodic, harmonic, rhythmic and coloristic sense. The way he combines fresh new electronic sounds with the traditional acoustic jazz trio instrumentation of piano bass and drums is especially noteworthy. This is music of great feeling and expression. He has created a long suite like composition of great unity and variety – and when you get to the end of the whole piece you feel you have been on an amazing musical journey.

Production – Lukas Rabe

Mixing – Thomas Stieger, Lukas Rabe

Mastering – Zodiaque, Berlin

Video – Lukas Thiele

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